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Learn co-operation

Meet Roger Robin...

Roger and and his wife, Ruby, live in the high treetops of Robin’s Roost.

It’s time to build a new nest, but Ruby is reluctant to start. Roger is not very good at co-operating. He is bossy and likes to be in charge. He doesn’t listen to others’ ideas and can be rude

Ruby has some ideas she wants to try, but can she teach Roger how to co-operate? 


Roger Robin Front Cover

Why is Co-operation Important?

Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

Does your child usually want things their own way? Do they struggle to see things from the view of others and often argue with their siblings or friends? Maybe they can be bossy or abrupt when playing games?

Whether it is in play with their friends or siblings or while they are working with others in school, co-operation is such a vital skill needed in life. It is the ability to be open to the ideas of others and to rein in that urge to be more important and to be ‘in charge!’ 

Change Their Inner Voice Through Storytelling

These little birds help widen a child’s perspective so they start to recognise how their playmate feels too.

Roger and Ruby Robin help children to learn how to be co-operative with each other by teaching patience, tolerance and acceptance.

They teach your child to be kind if they disagree with someone and also be confident to share their own ideas with others.

How Does Roger Teach Courage?


‘Be Co-operative, Roger Robin,’ teaches children how to accept others’ ideas and be kind when working with others. This becomes a child’s goal when working with someone, rather than being ‘in charge’ or proving they are better than the other person.

Roger and Ruby Robin share this mantra: ‘Let’s work kindly together to get the job done!”

Let our robins help you achieve a more harmonious home as they do in the story!

What Our Users Say…

Orla was so excited when she received her new book bundle! The books were so bold and vibrant; she couldn't wait to see the pictures inside. We read, 'Don't give up, Sadie Spider' first. The story was engaging and carried a clear simple message of not giving up. It is clever how each book involved characters from other books in Cape Ability. I definitely recommend these books to read with your child.

Ryan - Orla's Dad

We already have Bobby bee, Tommy turtle and Cooper crab, my 5 year old absolutely adores these books. We like them so much we’ve ordered 4 more. The quality of the books is amazing, easy to hold for both adults and children. The details in the pictures is so good, you can tell time and effort has gone into each one. We can't wait for the next in the series to come out!

Selina - Parent to two lovely girls

Our 4 year old has absolutely loved reading about the journeys of Cooper, Sadie & Bobby. He has 2 books at bedtime and he always chooses to have the Cape Ability book twice! We are very excited to meet the rest of the Cape Ability gang! 🕷🐝 🦀

Lizzie - Parent to two lively boys

Support Your Child's Mental Health with Cape Ability

Cape Ability was created by a Primary School Teacher with over 20 years experience.  Our stories really speak to little minds, with each motivational character teaching children to develop a healthy inner voice. Each beautifully illustrated book has a guiding principle which is demonstrated by a key character throughout the story. 

The books help develop a shared language between parent and child, allowing you to help them through life’s little challenges.

We live in an uncertain and changing world.  At Cape Ability, we believe every child should be equipped with an inner voice that helps them to stay happy and healthy.

PSHE at school

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