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We long to support our little ones in any way we can. That is why it can be so heartbreaking when they suffer from lack of self-belief or see themselves as incapable of doing things, such as tying their shoelaces, completing their school work or riding their bike.

As parents we can see that this is just their perception – we can see what they are really capable of. If only they could see it too…

That is where the inhabitants of Cape Ability come in. 

Support Wellbeing with Cape Ability

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Cape Ability was created by a Primary School Teacher with over 20 years experienceOur bedtime stories really speak to little minds, with each motivational character teaching children to develop a healthy inner voice. Each beautifully illustrated book has a guiding principle which is demonstrated by a key character throughout the story. 

The books help develop a shared language between parent and child, allowing you to help them through life’s little challenges.

We live in an uncertain and changing world.  At Cape Ability, we believe every child should be equipped with a positive inner voice that helps them to stay happy and healthy.

Meet the characters of Cape Ability below and find out how they can help your child today.

Meet the Cape Ability Gang!

Sadie Spider – Help your children to keep trying when things are hard for them

Does your child give up easily? Do they seem to lack the drive to see things through and persevere? Maybe they want you to do things for them when you would like them to be more determined to do it for themselves? This is where Sadie Spider can help. She shows through her story, how to keep going when things are difficult. She helps children change their mindset and have a more resilient attitude towards life’s challenges.

Bobby Bee – Help your children to believe in themselves.

Does your child often say that they cannot do things? Do you often hear them say ‘I’ll never be able to do this!’. Maybe they avoid anything difficult because they find it difficult to have belief in themselves. Bobby Bee can help your children change this mindset. He develops in children a hopeful, helpful attitude which allows them to believe in themselves and see things as possible.

Lizzie Ladybird- Help your children to keep improving at things.

Does your child expect to be able to do things immediately and get frustrated when they can’t? Do they seem to compare their own ability to other children? Maybe this attitude affects their confidence and stops them from improving. Lizzie Ladybird can teach children how to take things one step at a time in order to improve. She changes mindsets to enable children to feel proud of each little achievement they make. She encourages children to focus on their own progress, improving their confidence.

Cooper Crab – Help your children to learn how to concentrate.

Does your child struggle to focus on one thing for any length of time? Don’t worry! Most young children find it hard to concentrate. However it is such an important skill to aid learning and progress. Cooper Crab can help them learn to concentrate and give them strategies to improve their level of focus.

Tommy Turtle – Help your children feel comfortable with making mistakes and trying new things.

Does your child worry about making mistakes? Do they crumble when they get things wrong? This attitude can see them avoiding trying anything new or challenging in case they don’t succeed first time. Tommy Turtle is brilliant at helping to change this mindset. He is also hesitant and averse to making mistakes at the start of the story. However your child can read how he learns to just ‘Have a go,’ and become comfortable with making mistakes, that’s all part of the process!

Kiki Chameleon – Help your children to feel excited to use their creativity and grow their imagination.

Does your child feel confident to express their creative ideas? Do they prefer to copy others? Every human being has the ability to be creative. However, children can lack belief in their own originality and seek to follow rather than enjoy using their own ideas. Kiki Chameleon shows them how to break free and unleash their own creativity for the sheer joy of it!

Roger Robin – Help your children to get along with each other.

Does your child usually want things their own way? Do they struggle to see things from the view of others and often argue with their siblings or friends? Maybe they can be bossy or abrupt when playing games? Roger and Ruby Robin help children to learn how to be co-operative with each other. These little birds help widen a child’s perspective so they start to recognise how their playmate feels too. Help your child play and work in harmony with others through this delightful tale.

Clara Clownfish – Help your children to figure things out for themselves.

Does your child ask a lot of questions? This is a great thing! Children’s endless questions are a sign that they are wondering about their world. Maybe they expect you to give them the answers to everything. Clara Clownfish helps children learn to ask AND answer questions themselves by looking for patterns and connections. She helps children feel great pride in noticing and figuring things out for themselves.

What Our Users Say…

Orla was so excited when she received her new book bundle! The books were so bold and vibrant; she couldn't wait to see the pictures inside. We read, 'Don't give up, Sadie Spider' first. The story was engaging and carried a clear simple message of not giving up. It is clever how each book involved characters from other books in Cape Ability. I definitely recommend these books to read with your child.

Ryan - Orla's Dad

Our 4 year old has absolutely loved reading about the journeys of Cooper, Sadie & Bobby. He has 2 books at bedtime and he always chooses to have the Cape Ability book twice! We are very excited to meet the rest of the Cape Ability gang! 🕷🐝 🦀

Lizzie - Parent to two lively boys

Use these stories and you feel the atmosphere in the classroom shift. Instead of managing behaviour constantly, we are developing and rewarding learning skills demonstrated throughout each day. Children do not distract others because they want to Concentrate like Cooper Crab. They are motivated and switched on because they want to beeelieve in themselves like Bobby Bee and like Sadie Spider they do not give up easily.

HRSE Lead Primary Teacher

Nurturing Little Minds

Often in life, we leave these things until adulthood. Let’s face it, things like resilience can take a lifetime to develop!  Many of us read self-help books and watch videos because as adults, we are looking to become happier, kinder, healthier, more successful human beings. 

However, why do we leave it so late? We underestimate little children’s ability to take in messages. Cape Ability was developed by a primary school teacher, so we know that the younger years are the most powerful ones to soak up new skills and attitudes that will stay with you! 

Helping a child to perceive themselves as capable, confident and able to grow and change is surely the best gift we can give them.

Cape Ability in the Classroom

Angela Lyons wrote the Cape Ability stories almost 10 years ago. and has been  honing the Cape Ability Approach in her own classroom ever since! She has seen first hand the huge impact on children’s self-belief and independent motivation to learn. The approach has since been shared and has helped hundreds of children to become confident, independent learners.

We know as teachers that learning is a lot more than just meeting objectives and getting the curriculum covered. It is about developing positive attitudes to learning, a deep sense of self-belief and pride within learners’ minds.

Learn more about Cape Ability and see how it can help you in your classroom today!