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We want all children to believe in their capability to learn and flourish in all aspects of life.

At the heart of our approach is the desire for all children to become excited, eager learners who try their best. Through beautiful stories, children will develop the core capabilities which enhance their inherent ability to learn. Children will develop a growth mindset, transforming them from feeling unconfident, frustrated and disengaged to feeling motivated, courageous and resilient.

Cape Ability
Sadie Spider Story

Our Stories

Our stories, characters and resources bring these capabilities to life.  They provide a common language between child, teacher and parent to promote the ideal climate for learning.  They might even change the way you learn too!

What Our Users Say...

I love Bobby Bee. He makes me believe I can just do it! When I was at the park I was brave like Tommy turtle and I had a go - and I did it!!!

Arthur - Aged 5

I use the stories daily with my daughters. If they're struggling with something then saying "try, try, try to catch that fly" rarely fails to get them back on track!"

Steve - parent of two girls (aged 4 and 6)

The focus on positive behaviour captivates the children, as they aspire to emulate the Learning Characters attitudes and behaviours in their learning and decision making. The versatility of this approach makes it a highly effective classroom management tool.

Eleanor - Primary School Teacher

Cape Ability at Home

Parents are a child’s first educators but being a parent can be so challenging! We try our best to encourage our children to learn all the time, when doing daily tasks like tying shoelaces, tidying their room or learning to ride a bike. Children can find these things tricky and they also require lots of patience (for parents and kids!).

Often though, the child’s problem is not with the actual skill but in their attitude towards it. They may give up too easily, struggle to focus or be scared to give things a go. We often feel frustrated because we KNOW our child can do it if only they changed their attitude!  This is where the capability stories come in.

Cape Ability in the Classroom

The Cape Ability approach is designed to develop a growth mindset within every child in a language even the youngest child can understand. The classroom climate becomes so positive as children develop the confidence, focus and determination to learn well. By referring to our learning character’s capabilities throughout lessons you can accelerate learning and create independent learners who buzz with enthusiasm.

Explore the Cape

From the shores of Barnacle Beach to Ladybird’s Log Pile, our characters spend their days learning and adventuring on Cape Ability.

Your child will follow the characters as they each go through their own struggles and develop new capabilities.  By reading the stories and reinforcing the behaviours, you will transform your child’s feelings about learning and can even improve behaviour too.  

Where Cape Ability is embedded in the classroom, this further develops the skills and leads to eager, motivated and focused learners.

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