Nurturing Enthusiasm

Self belief

Often, children that do not demonstrate enthusiasm appear that they cannot be bothered or are a bit ‘laid back!’ However, there is normally a lot more to it than this. I have found that when children lack motivation, they look at what they are faced with and believe it is unattainable to them so they switch off  – tune out. Their inner ‘fixed mindset’ monologue goes something like, ‘I’ll NEVER be able to do that,’ or ‘I’m no good at this subject so what’s the point?’.

Lacking Confidence

In the story of Bobby Bee, he cannot find the nectar because he has never bothered to learn how to do it. But then we dig deeper and find it is because of his lack of confidence in his own abilities. He thinks it is too complicated. It has made him shut down and close himself off to the learning, like so many children can do. It looks like he just wants an easy life but really he just does not believe it is an available skill he can learn.

Transforming Mindset from Negative to Positive

We can learn a few things from his supportive teacher, Betty Bee. She encourages him to think differently and change his mindset. She does this by the power of the word YET. If you tell yourself, “I have not got it YET,” this implies that you have the self belief that you WILL grasp it eventually. That is where energy, enthusiasm, practise and good listening come in  – but first you have to BEE-LIEVE!

Be Brave and Participate!

Joining in and engaging is crucial to opening yourself up to learning. Bobby also learns that making a few mistakes is all part and parcel of the journey and nothing to sweat about! When you are free to make errors, you can actually enjoy the process of learning rather than just focusing on the end product.

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