About Us

We want to nurture little minds, making each day a little brighter for every parent, teacher and child.

Cape Ability is a family business, consisting of a brother and sister, their partners and a long time family friend.  We are Angela and Chris Lyons, Gregory Crocombe and Steve and Lucy Nelson.

The origins of the approach started at the fabulous school where Angela teaches. They wanted to make growth mindset part of their culture, so after some research into teaching children growth mindset,  Angela developed these characters and wrote stories to support the growth mindset principles. Seeing its success, the school adopted the stories and characters and they permeated into all aspects of the curriculum and wider school life to support growth mindset – with some fantastic outcomes.  You can read more about this origin in ‘How Cape Ability Began‘ on our Articles page.

Cape Ability as we know it now came to life in Angela’s kitchen. Knowing the value of growth mindset went beyond academic education, Angela had also introduced the approach at home and her brother Stephen saw it in action with Angela’s young children. When he learned about the characters and their stories, the way they helped children to learn and believe in themselves, he was really impressed.  Over dinner Angela, Steve, Chris and Lucy discussed how fantastic it would be to create something that would enable parents and teachers to easily implement this approach and the company was born.

The first task was to illustrate the stories and bring the beloved characters to life!  

Angela and Lucy
Angela (left), Lucy and our kids doing a mail drop!
Steve and Greg
Greg (left) and Steve at a friend's wedding

Steve went to school with the very talented artist Gregory who was delighted to join us. As a team, we created the Cape Ability world and started developing the package to enable other parents (and schools) to introduce the approach.  As the characters and their stories can support children in all aspects of their lives, we wanted to find a way to enable parents to use the Cape Ability approach at home. Using our stories at bedtime helps children understand complex concepts such as concentration, resilience, reflection, etc. 

We’re on a mission to nurture little minds.  We want to give parents the tools to develop a positive inner voice in their child, supporting well being and helping children tackle life’s little challenges one step at a time.