Welcome to Barnacle Beach...

Meet Cooper Crab...

Cooper Crab lives with his family around the stunning rockpools of Barnacle Beach

He can’t wait for the party in the rock pool that evening – but disaster strikes, leaving Cooper to organise the festivities all by himself!

Throughout the story, children are taught how to develop the key skill of concentration by following Cooper as he plans his tasks, manages his distractions and does not panic!

Cooper Crab Story

Why is Concentration Important?

Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

Does your child struggle to focus on one thing for any length of time? Do they seem to get distracted by everything else around them?

Don’t worry! Most young children find it hard to concentrate and it’s a difficult concept for them to grasp at first. However, it is such an important skill to aid learning and progress.

‘Concentrate, Cooper Crab’ breaks concentration down into some very simple concepts. By learning to manage distractions and not become overwhelmed by a task, children learn the self-discipline needed to concentrate. This helps them become more independent and try things for themselves.

Change Their Inner Voice Through Storytelling

Young children do find it more difficult to focus, especially for long periods of time. But concentration is a skill that can be developed

In fact, increased ability to concentrate leads to increased self-discipline and a real sense of ownership in a task.

If your child finds a million reasons to get distracted, they need help to develop their concentration, so they can become, and stay, focussed.

Enter Cooper Crab – the crab who knows it is up to him to concentrate, if he wants to get the job done!

How Does Cooper Teach Concentration?


‘Concentrate, Cooper Crab’ helps your child to focus on the task at hand.  

Cooper shows your child how to develop the self-discipline to focus. He has mantras such as,“Con-cen-trate,” and “I must manage my distractions.” 

His wonderful tale shows what you can achieve if you have a plan and focus!

This puts the responsibility to complete the task firmly under your child’s control, as they see how much they can achieve – with self-discipline and concentration!

What Our Users Say…

Orla was so excited when she received her new book bundle! The books were so bold and vibrant; she couldn't wait to see the pictures inside. We read, 'Don't give up, Sadie Spider' first. The story was engaging and carried a clear simple message of not giving up. It is clever how each book involved characters from other books in Cape Ability. I definitely recommend these books to read with your child.

Ryan - Orla's Dad

We already have Bobby bee, Tommy turtle and Cooper crab, my 5 year old absolutely adores these books. We like them so much we’ve ordered 4 more. The quality of the books is amazing, easy to hold for both adults and children. The details in the pictures is so good, you can tell time and effort has gone into each one. We can't wait for the next in the series to come out!

Selina - Parent to two lovely girls

Our 4 year old has absolutely loved reading about the journeys of Cooper, Sadie & Bobby. He has 2 books at bedtime and he always chooses to have the Cape Ability book twice! We are very excited to meet the rest of the Cape Ability gang! 🕷🐝 🦀

Lizzie - Parent to two lively boys

Support Your Child's Mental Health with Cape Ability

Cape Ability was created by a Primary School Teacher with over 20 years experience.  Our stories really speak to little minds, with each motivational character teaching children to develop a healthy inner voice. Each beautifully illustrated book has a guiding principle which is demonstrated by a key character throughout the story. 

The books help develop a shared language between parent and child, allowing you to help them through life’s little challenges.

We live in an uncertain and changing world.  At Cape Ability, we believe every child should be equipped with an inner voice that helps them to stay happy and healthy.

PSHE at school

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