Transform Your School with Cape Ability

Imagine if your class were:

Motivated learners who always try their hardest

Able to concentrate and manage distractions around them

Willing to give things a go without fear of getting it wrong

Always striving to improve themselves and work towards targets.

At Cape Ability, we provide you with the tools, activities and information you need to embed Growth Mindset and help children become  excited and determined learners.

The Cape Ability Approach

Often, the problem children face in our classrooms is not the difficulty of the subject itself, but the attitude they hold about that learning. We find ourselves saying, ‘He has so much potential if only he would listen and focus,’ or ‘She is so capable, if only she would try a bit harder, or believe in her own abilities.’  Teachers can spend hours planning the most exciting lessons only to find some children passive, some giving up at the first sign of hardship, some disrupting rather than listening. It can be frustrating and soul destroying as a teacher, because we want the best for our pupils, which is why we put so much hard work into our profession.

There are a set of skills that a child can develop, which teach them HOW to become an optimum learner. These capabilities help them to see that all learning IS accessible to them if they become like each character in the eight growth mindset stories.

Through our beautiful stories, children will develop eight core capabilities which enhance their inherent ability to learn. They can transform children from feeling unconfident, frustrated and disengaged to hopeful, enthusiastic and resilient.

Each character is easy to relate to and each positive story will inspire learners to emulate the capability demonstrated by the character. For example, in ‘Don’t Give up, Sadie Spider,’ children are inspired by a resilient spider who keeps trying and starts again when things go wrong.

Cape Ability

Sadie Spider – Resilient Learner

Build resilience in children
Cooper Crab

Cooper Crab – Focused Learner

Lizzie Ladybird – Reflective Learner

Self reflection

Clara Clownfish – Curious Learner

Bobby Bee – Enthusiastic Learner

Self belief
Learn co-operation

Roger Robin – Cooperative Learner

Tommy Turtle – Courageous Learner

Tommy Turtle
Kiki Chameleon

Kiki Chameleon – Creative Learner

How to Use Cape Ability in Your School

We know that there is no time in the curriculum to deliver lots of extra lessons. The beauty of this approach is that you do not need to spend hours teaching separate capability lessons. Once children are familiar with the stories and the key skills of the capability, it is about demonstrating and mastering them through all their everyday lessons and experiences.

Sadie Spider Story

Share the Stories

It is best to introduce one story at a time. Let’s imagine you begin with ‘Concentrate, Cooper Crab.’ After reading it, children could recap all the things Cooper did to become a focused learner. For each story, there is a poster which includes the main skills for that capability which can be displayed and referred to throughout the week to remind children how to concentrate.

You might ask children to rewrite or retell the story – younger children could illustrate using our story template to remember the important skills demonstrated.

Provide Recognition and Opportunity

Throughout your NORMAL CLASS ACTIVITIES AND LEARNING promote this capability in all your children do. Find examples of children managing distractions for example, and highlight this to the whole class to praise and recognise it. You can also use our ‘Recognition Chart’ to award children with points when you see them demonstrating the capability in any situation. This is praise for a VALID reason, becoming a better learner.  There are lots of further ideas for this in our Teacher Guide which you’ll get as part of the Educator Membership.

Setting Targets

Eventually, together as teacher and pupil, you will begin to identify which learning capability or skill may be lacking and making a barrier for that child to become an optimum learner. Often it is not the whole capability but just an aspect of it. This is when you can use our Learning Targets to help children focus on their particular area for capability development. These can be shared with parents during parents evenings so that they can support their child with this at home.

House Points and Awards

You could even use the learning points for each capability as your school house point system secure in the knowledge that you are rewarding children, not for the sake of praising them but for a valid reason — the development of their own skills as a learner.

You can also give out our Recognition Certificates weekly per class where teachers or pupils can choose someone who has demonstrated a certain capability e.g. Roger Robin and they will  be presented with a ‘Roger Robin’ Certificate in the whole school assembly.

Spread the Learning

You can look at our Assembly Guide which enables different classes to bring the stories to life for the whole school to share. This is a great way to introduce the Cape Ability Approach to parents. You can also give them our Parents Support Leaflet which explains who the characters are and which capability they promote. It also gives them ideas about how to develop these capabilities at home.  Of course they can also buy the books and subscribe to the Cape Ability Parents Membership too!

Get Visual

This approach can permeate school and become the way that you develop independent learners. Often you find behaviour issues melt away because pupils have unlocked the secret to learning and know the importance of focusing, participating, co-operating etc. When dealing with issues, it can be brought back to the impact it has on others’ feelings and on their own and others’ learning capabilities. Our Posters can be displayed in the school hall to remind children and parents of the key Cape Ability messages of their school.

In the lunch hall or in the playground, our break time posters can remind children to  apply their capabilities in many situations so that this approach filters through all they do and becomes part of life.

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Explore the Cape

From the shores of Barnacle Beach to Ladybird’s Log Pile, our characters spend their days learning and adventuring on Cape Ability.

Your child will follow the characters as they each go through their own struggles and develop new capabilities.  By reading the stories and reinforcing the behaviours, you will transform your child’s feelings about learning and can even improve behaviour too.  

Where Cape Ability is embedded in the classroom, this further develops the skills and leads to eager, motivated and focused learners.

You’ll get immediate online access to the following:

Unlimited online access to our beautifully illustrated Cape Ability adventures.  Use these to introduce your class to Cape Ability.

A Teacher Guide explaining how to use the approach within your school.  It’s packed full of useful information on each Cape Ability.   

Printable classroom resources such as reward certificates, learning targets, house point charts and posters.  

A 10% discount on school products in the shop such as the physical books, A3 posters and Recognition Stickers!

Our Stories

Our stories, characters and resources bring these capabilities to life.  They provide a common language between child, teacher and parent to promote the ideal climate for learning.  They might even change the way you learn too! 

Cooper Crab Story


Baby Cooper

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What Our Users Say…

This learning approach is a god-send! Children are empowered to develop a growth mindset in a language they understand. The characters in the stories motivate them to LEARN HOW TO LEARN effectively.

English Subject Coordinator and Primary Teacher

Use these stories and you feel the atmosphere in the classroom shift. Instead of managing behaviour constantly, we are developing and rewarding learning skills demonstrated throughout each day. Children do not distract others because they want to Concentrate like Cooper Crab. They are motivated and switched on because they want to beeelieve in themselves like Bobby Bee and like Sadie Spider they do not give up easily.

HRSE Lead Primary Teacher

The Cape Ability approach is a powerful tool for pupils and teachers alike and I will certainly be using it in my classroom

Newly Qualified Teacher