Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Cape Ability Approach?

The Cape Ability Approach is a set of tools, stories and resources for use at home and at school which help develop children into lifelong learners.  Teaching capabilities such as focus, resilience, determination and courage at home, and at school can transform a child from disengaged and frustrated, to excited and eager to learn. Each story shows the characters developing one of these capabilities.  The stories and resources give parents and teachers a ‘vehicle’ to communicate these attitudes to children in a fun, engaging way.

What is growth mindset?

At the heart of our approach is a deep belief in growth mindset. This is the belief that you can ‘grow’ your intelligence in any subject or skill.  You can achieve anything with the right conditions for learning! There has been much scientific research which proves that our brains have the capability to continue to grow and develop in any area of learning. You can learn more about growth mindset in our article.

Is Cape Ability for Parents or Schools?

Both! Our books help parents to develop the Cape Ability Approach at home, while the Educator’s Membership helps teachers implement the approach at school.  The Cape Ability tools are essentially a set of life skills which children can learn whether they’re at school or at home.

What age group is Cape Ability intended for?

The skills we teach are applicable to any age (even adults!), but our current products are aimed at 4 to 9 year old children. We have future plans for products which will help broaden this age range (but adults might have to wait a while!).

How many stories are there?

There are 8 stories in our first series on Growth Mindset.  There are more stories being written and we’ll bring those to you online as soon as they’re available! 

If we haven’t answered your question then please get in touch with us via our contact page.