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Transform Your Classroom Environment with Cape Ability

Self reflection

Your Time is Precious

Our stories were written by a primary school teacher so we know how overloaded the curriculum already is! Our approach fits seamlessly within your everyday lessons.

Self belief

Change Attitudes

Our stories help children identify their capabilities, reduce anxiety and develop a growth mindset. Teachers find that their class become switched on and eager to learn.

Be curious

Use Vibrant Characters

Each story introduces a new character and a new capability, such as resilience, creativity, self belief, concentration, self reflection, co-operation, courage or curiosity.

Shift the Focus

Instead of teachers managing behaviour, use the Cape Ability approach and you will develop children who can recognise unhelpful emotions within themselves and self-motivate.

Developed by a Teacher, for Teachers

Angela Lyons wrote the Cape Ability stories almost 10 years ago. She then developed and honed the Cape Ability Approach in her own classroom and could see a huge impact on children’s self-belief and independent motivation to learn. The approach has since been shared and has helped hundreds of children to become confident, independent learners.

As a career, teaching can be overwhelming and we can get caught up in delivering objectives and meeting targets.

We know as teachers that learning is a lot more than just meeting objectives and getting the curriculum covered. It is about developing positive attitudes to learning, a deep sense of self-belief and pride within learners’ minds.

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What Are Your Children Thinking?

Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

We long to support our little ones in any way we can. That is why it can be so heart-breaking when they suffer from lack of self-belief or see themselves as incapable of doing things in the classroom.

As educators we can see that this is just their perception – we can see what they are really capable of. If only they could see it…

Change Their Inner Voice Through Storytelling

The barriers to learning are usually nothing to do with natural ability. Whether a child learns well is about attitude – how do they FEEL about their own ability?

Many children are filled with negative thoughts about their own capability. Imagine having a tool which spins this negative self-talk on its head – and turns it positive!

Discover a New Way of Teaching!

Creative child
Lizzie Ladybird mantra

The Cape Ability approach does not take up your precious curriculum time and YET it has such a powerful and profound effect on young learners.

By enjoying vibrant stories with special learning characters, it is then as simple as embedding the messages from the stories into everyday learning. The children emulate each learning character’s capability and develop a kind and supportive inner voice which you can nurture each day as they learn. 

As time progresses, children grow to understand HOW to be a great learner and put the capabilities into practice each day. The Cape Ability approach allows you to teach growth mindset via a context all children understand – story characters. Each day they grow in faith and see their own capabilities blossoming as they become better learners. Teaching this approach in your classroom is the greatest gift you can give your students – the gift of self-awareness and growth.

Support PSHE with Cape Ability

The Cape Ability approach provides for children’s Personal, Social and Emotional education.
Personal – It allows children to become self-aware and reflect on choices they make.
Social – It helps them become aware of others’ feelings and beliefs about themselves.
Emotional – It helps learners become emotionally healthy by learning to speak kindly to themselves and not be a harsh inner critic.
(Look out for a new set of 8 stories to solely develop Emotional health – coming soon!)
Supporting children’s PSE is the backbone to enable them to tackle the national curriculum with enthusiasm and hope.

PSHE at school

What Our Users Say…

This learning approach is a god-send! Children are empowered to develop a growth mindset in a language they understand. The characters in the stories motivate them to LEARN HOW TO LEARN effectively.

English Subject Coordinator and Primary Teacher

Use these stories and you feel the atmosphere in the classroom shift. Instead of managing behaviour constantly, we are developing and rewarding learning skills demonstrated throughout each day. Children do not distract others because they want to Concentrate like Cooper Crab. They are motivated and switched on because they want to beeelieve in themselves like Bobby Bee and like Sadie Spider they do not give up easily.

HRSE Lead Primary Teacher

The Cape Ability approach is a powerful tool for pupils and teachers alike and I will certainly be using it in my classroom

Newly Qualified Teacher

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Cape Ability in Class

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