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Pick & Mix - 4 Book Bundle


Choose any 4 stories from our Growth Mindset Series!

How do you want to help your child?

The Cape Ability Approach is built on nurturing a growth mindset, helping children develop a helpful and hopeful attitude to learning.

Through these stories, children can relate to and emulate our characters and their mantras, helping them develop a positive inner voice –  “try, try, try”, “I believe I will”, “let’s work kindly together”, “concentrate”, “I’ll have a go.”

Parents can reference the characters when they see their child struggling – “Be like Sadie Spider and try, try, try!” or “It’s okay if you don’t get it straight away, be like Tommy Turtle and have a go!”.

If your child lacks self-belief, choose from Bobby Bee who learns that he can’t do it…YET!

If your child is easily distracted or overwhelmed by tasks, try Cooper Crab who teaches us how to plan, focus and do one thing at at time!

If your child gives up easily, Sadie Spider can help!  Sadie is a resilient little spider who doesn’t give up even though things keep going wrong!

Maybe your child doesn’t work well with others? Roger Robin learns how to work together kindly and co-operate with Ruby to build a beautify new nest.

If you have a child who doesn’t want to have a go, introduce them to Tommy Turtle. Tommy is afraid to try as he thinks he will get it wrong.  Tilly shows him its OK to make mistakes and to have a go!

Kiki Chameleon uses her beautiful colours in an adventure across Cape Ability to help teach your child how to be creative.

Select this product and choose your favourite 4 Growth Mindset stories for just £24.99 and don’t forget, this bundle comes with FREE UK SHIPPING! 

Books are paper back, A4 landscape.


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Selina Reay
Selina Reay
Read More
We already have Bobby bee, Tommy turtle and Cooper crab, my 5 year old absolutely adores these books. We like them so much we’ve ordered 4 more. The quality of the books is amazing, easy to hold for both adults and children. The details in the pictures is so good, you can tell time and effort has gone into each one. We can wait for the next in the series to come out!
Ryan Michael
Ryan Michael
Read More
Orla was so excited when she received her new book bundle! The books were so bold and vibrant; she couldn't wait to see the pictures inside. We read, 'Don't give up, Sadie Spider' first. The story was engaging and carried a clear simple message of not giving up. It is clever how each book involved characters from other books in Cape Ability. I definitely recommend these books to read with your child.
Melanie Hulme
Melanie Hulme
Read More
I have 2 of these books and my daughter absolutely loves them. we have read them over and over!! can't recommend then highly enough x
Lizzie Watt
Lizzie Watt
Read More
Our 4 year old has absolutely loved reading about the journeys of Cooper, Sadie & Bobby. He has 2 books at bedtime and he always chooses to have the Cape Ability book twice! We are very excited to meet the rest of the Cape Ability gang! 🕷🐝 🦀

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