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The Growth Mindset Series

Cooper Crab - Concentration

This story centres around a very busy crab who must concentrate so that he can plan a rock pool party for all his friends. He teaches children the important skill of managing their distractions so everyone can learn effectively!

Sadie Spider - Resilience

This story is about a resilient little spider who tries so hard to build a web. Despite problems and obstacles in her way, she never gives up. Try, try, try to catch that fly!

Bobby Bee - Self-Belief

In this story, Bobby realises that learning is brilliant! He is taught how to do a special Bee dance and feels so proud that he can now find the nectar on his own. All he needed to do was believe in himself.

Tommy Turtle - Courage

On the seashore there is a terrible storm. The turtles must make a shelter but Tommy is terrified! What if he makes a mistake? Luckily, Tilly Turtle teaches him how to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Roger Robin - Co-operation

Mrs Robin and Mr Robin want to build their nest. One robin is not very good at teamwork! How can they work together effectively?

Clara Clownfish - Creativity

Two friends explore away from the reef for the first time. By asking questions, noticing patterns and making connections, Clara saves her friends from imminent danger.

Lizzie Ladybird - Reflection

This determined creature really wants to learn to fly. Read about how she continues to improve and acts on advice given so she becomes a learner who reflects.

Kiki Chameleon - Curiosity

Kiki loves to use her original ideas. She uses her amazing creativity to solve other creatures’ problems, teaching children to let their imagination go and believe in their originality.